Rebecca McDaniel

Master of Counseling Psychology


"I am originally from Ohio but have lived in the Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Poland, Oregon, Florida, California, and Washington.  Having the privilege to experience other places and cultures has monumentally shaped my way of being in the world.  Throughout my adulthood, I have worn the hat of tutor, teacher, mentor, case manager, and counselor.  It is such a blessing to be trusted to engage with people in the midst of life's binds, brokenness, and beauty.  Seeking health, wholeness, and healing in the wake of trauma is one of my passions and pursuits - shouldering joy and affliction alongside the people whose paths intersect with mine is an immense honor.  Also, since one of the most crucial elements of a well-rounded life involves incorporating play into the equation, I engage with pinball as both outlet and entertainment, and there isn't much that I love more than facetiming with my sweet nieces, except perhaps scooping them up in person." - McDaniel