Q. When can I go on a freedom camp?

A. Please fill out our Volunteer form HERE, and we will be happy to let you know about upcoming trips!


Q. I want a freedom camp to come to my organization. how can i invite you?

A. Our heart is to see kids all around the world break free from trauma, and we don't want to limit ourselves to where we take Freedom Camp.  Please contact us HERE, and we would love to talk more with you about bringing a Freedom Camp to your organization!


Q. how much does it cost to go on a freedom camp trip?

A. The cost depends on where you live and where the camp is being held.  We would love to provide more details.  Please send us a message HERE, and we can get this answer figured out.


Q. how can my church partner with freedom camp?

A. We would not exist without church and individual partnerships!  If you are interested in learning more about what a partnership looks like, please contact us HERE.  We would love to come and speak to your church and even get a mission trip planned with your congregation. 


Q. do I need any experience to join a freedom camp?

A. Not at all!  We will equip our teams with all that they need in order to help facilitate a Freedom Camp.  If this is your first mission trip, please let us know.  We have different trips for different levels of experience to help you get the most out of your trip without getting overwhelmed by the new experience.  Send us a message HERE!


Q. How is freedom camp different from other mission trips?

A. On our mission trips, we focus primarily on our 5-day Freedom Camp.  The first day or two is spent preparing the volunteers and team members, bonding and practicing.  The days after Freedom Camp are spent in debrief and a little exploring of the city and celebrating what God used us to do!  For more information, send us a message HERE.