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We empower kids to break free from trauma through the power of the Gospel


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Ellipsis International is gearing up to spread the word about Freedom Camp this Fall, and we would love to come and share with YOUR church, youth group, small group, school or friend group.  We have seen so many kids come to know Jesus through our camp, and we can’t keep it to ourselves.  We know God has huge plans as we grow, and we need more people praying, giving and going on trips with us.

We had two trips happen this year because of speaking at YEC – two groups from three churches in Mississippi went all the way to the Philippines to reach kids in hard situations with the hope of the Gospel!  That can be YOU –  whether it’s physically, spiritually or financially – you can be a part of that!

At our most recent Freedom Camp, 19 boys in Juvenile Detention accepted Jesus and 14 were baptized! They said they had heard about Jesus but never heard it from someone who showed them love first and treated them with respect before sharing the Gospel with them. They thought their sins were too big to be forgiven by God, but we got to share with them just how big our God is and that He makes ALL things NEW through His sacrifice and our salvation! This camp was so encouraging and validated the method we use in reaching kids for Jesus.

Don’t miss an opportunity to hear more.  If you think your church or group would be interested in having us come and share this Fall, we are booking now and currently still have openings.  Please let us know as soon as you can if you need more information to set up an event or book us.  

We are available to give 3-5 minute presentations to your congregation including testimonial videos or a more in-depth presentation for small groups or youth groups and schools. TOGETHER, we can reach more kids with the Gospel!


Freedom Camp

Freedom Camp is a 5-day program that helps neglected or orphaned kids break free from the bondage of the trauma of their past in order to be open to receiving Jesus as their Savior.  Through strategic games, songs, activities and messages, kids are able to understand their need for healing.  Our curriculum was built with the help of counselors and psychologists in Seattle, WA.

Each day focuses on a theme to begin the healing process.  Day 1 focuses on Identity - who do the kids think they are or what do they believe they are capable of?  Day 2 is about the baggage they carry of the burdens from their past and how to let go and let God carry it for them.  After building relationships as the foundation, Day 3 introduces the Gospel because Jesus is the ultimate Healer.  Day 4 teaches about discipleship and community, encouraging the children to lean on one another and help each other through life's obstacles.  Day 5 is based around the Armor of God, teaching the children to prepare for the spiritual battle that lies ahead as they are not guaranteed to be free from future hardships and trauma.



"I am an orphan for a purpose - to share the hope that we have in Jesus no matter what." 

- Brindy Epal


"Some of the most joyful spirits and sweetest smiles...
It blows me away how much Jesus cares
about each and every one of us. My heart is full."  
- Michelle, Freedom Camp July 2017.

 "My heart aches for these kids - they have so much love to give.
If you get the chance to go volunteer, I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone
and making a everlasting impact on kids of any location."  
- Mikaela, Freedom Camp 2017