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“So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”

John 8:36


Now training...

We are partnering with Compassion International Philippines!  Compassion is a child-advocacy ministry pairing compassionate people with children living in extreme poverty to release the children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. They are the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship.  In the Philippines alone, they work with 368 churches, reaching over 90,000 children... incredible!

We held our first training with 30 participants from multiple churches. It has been our hope for quite some time to partner with local churches to reach children with the freedom of the Gospel.  The Compassion churches are spread throughout the entire country of the Philippines.  The best part about this partnership is that discipleship can continue with the kids in their local church after camp through our Freedom Forever program.

Freedom Camp is now available for any church, organization or mission team to aid in reaching children with the freedom of the Gospel.

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Freedom in a box…

This is everything you need to run your own Freedom Camp! Contact us to order yours today!

Freedom Camp

Freedom Camp is a 5-day program that helps neglected or orphaned kids break free from the bondage of the trauma of their past in order to be open to receiving Jesus as their Savior.  Through strategic games, songs, activities and messages, kids are able to understand their need for healing.  Our curriculum was built with the help of counselors and psychologists in Seattle, WA.

Each day focuses on a theme to begin the healing process.  Day 1 focuses on Identity - who do the kids think they are or what do they believe they are capable of?  Day 2 is about the baggage they carry of the burdens from their past and how to let go and let God carry it for them.  After building relationships as the foundation, Day 3 introduces the Gospel because Jesus is the ultimate Healer.  Day 4 teaches about discipleship and community, encouraging the children to lean on one another and help each other through life's obstacles.  Day 5 is based around the Armor of God, teaching the children to prepare for the spiritual battle that lies ahead as they are not guaranteed to be free from future hardships and trauma.



"I am an orphan for a purpose - to share the hope that we have in Jesus no matter what." 

- Brindy Epal


"Some of the most joyful spirits and sweetest smiles...
It blows me away how much Jesus cares
about each and every one of us. My heart is full."  
- Michelle, Freedom Camp July 2017.

 "My heart aches for these kids - they have so much love to give.
If you get the chance to go volunteer, I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone
and making a everlasting impact on kids of any location."  
- Mikaela, Freedom Camp 2017