Ellipsis International

helping kids find healing through the power of the Gospel


“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you FREE.”

John 8:32 NLT



"Until every child finds freedom in Christ."

Ellipsis International exists to help kids break free from the trauma of their past through the power of the Gospel to discover their God given future.


"Every child is free in Christ."

Ellipsis International’s vision is to offer Gospel-centered, trauma healing programs to any organization, non-profit, school or church that wants to implement a trauma healing curriculum.


Ellipsis International provides trainings, curriculum and support, giving organizations the ability and resources to infiltrate a child’s potential.

Core Values

Matthew 28:18-20

Acts 20:24, Romans 1:16

Proverbs 21:3, Psalm 41:12

Honor & Humility
Matthew 25:40

We are not just a camp.
We believe Jesus is the Ultimate Healer.
Every child was created for a purpose.


We believe every child deserves the opportunity to break free from the bondage of their past to pursue their God-given future.

Ellipsis International has partnered with Counselors and Psychologists in Seattle, Washington, to develop a camp that is not only fun for all children 7-18, but it has an underlying motive to begin the healing process in children who have experienced any form of trauma whether physical or emotional, including neglect, abuse, abandonment, marginalization and the like. The reactions to these types of trauma usually surface through depression, low self esteem, self-injury, eating disorders, isolation and even suicidal attempts. We believe every child or teen can benefit from this program as they will learn how to work through the unexpected curveballs of life.

Freedom Camp is available to any interested organization, government home, orphanage, shelter, church or religious group. It is intended to help a group or organization in the healing process of their clients. We prefer to administer the camp to an entire organization, so that the process is collective and the children can lean on one another as well as the staff members of the organization as their healing process continues after camp.

We will leave each organization or group with the tools to carry out our aftercare and discipleship program to ensure the healing process continues. The Ellipsis staff will also make periodic visits to the organization to assist. If the organization is unwilling or uninterested in administering the aftercare program, we will be happy to offer our services to carry out the aftercare program on their behalf with more regular visits and follow up.

We hope to enrich the work of existing organizations. We believe they are already making giant leaps in many children’s lives. We simply want to complement their work by taking this important yet heavy element off of their shoulders to ensure the children have comprehensive care.

We believe in empowering kids, and therefore we desire to empower organizations to address all needs of the children in their program.


Highlights from Freedom Camp July 2017:


"I'm grateful. I'm thankful. I'm changed forever. The team, the kids, and Jesus touched my heart in so many ways this week. A bittersweet goodbye is only the beginning of a happier reunion and the beginning of bigger things to come."


"So thankful for my time in the Philippines and being apart of Ellipsis International!"

–Daniel G

"I just realized how much I have to be grateful for. How good God is. Not to say that I hadn’t recognized this before, but God definitely gave me a fresh perspective on what it means to love and serve others."


"Powerful, God inspired/breathed, impacting, important, needed."


This is where freedom begins... 



To learn more about how Ellipsis International and Freedom Camp were developed, check out The Forgotten Ones.  Click here to order: