Dr. Jonathan Troll

Doctor of Psychology 


Dr. Troll received both his Masters and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University. He has worked as a clinician at Advent Group Ministries, an intensive, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program located in San Jose, California. He has also worked as a facilitator and supervisor for court-ordered, therapeutic visitations; and as a therapist at his Everett Foursquare church. He is currently a therapist at Developing Minds Clinic, where he specializes in helping children and adolescents work through issues related to depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, and identity.

Dr. Troll has also worked with children and adolescents internationally. In 2009, he had the opportunity to volunteer at Hamomi Children’s Centre, located in the Kangemi slum of Nairobi, Kenya. There, he taught classes and helped assess and evaluate the volunteer program. This provided the opportunity for him to later conduct research for his dissertation in 2011, which focused on depression and social-self-efficacy among children and adolescents living in the Kangemi slum. Dr. Troll has also had the opportunity to work with disadvantaged children and adolescents in Calcutta, India. In 2008, he volunteered at Mercy Hospital, where he worked with children diagnosed with Leukemia, AIDS, and other diseases. In 2010, he helped provide evaluations for students attending a slum school, and volunteered in one of the city’s vital feeding programs.  

“I’m passionate about helping young people gain balance, perspective, and self-worth in their lives. Every person has purpose. Every person’s life has meaning. Not one person is a mistake. I believe these truths wholeheartedly. Sometimes, there are difficult, confusing, and traumatizing life events that can overshadow these facts. As a therapist, I’m dedicated to helping young people process such experiences and regain control of their life stories.” - Dr. Troll